Bride of the Zar


30iPS HOR21948

Rango’s debut album Bride of the Zar features trance-inducing music from Sudanese mystic healing ceremonies, hip-quaking Nubian wedding melodies, ritualistic tales of an Arabian Dracula and songs recounting the mysterious disappearance of sardine rations in the Egyptian army – all performed on vintage 190-year-old rango xylophone with spirit manifesting gourd resonators, simsimiyya & tanbura lyres retrofitted with electric pickups, and shakers made from recycled aerosol cans.

Recorded in London and deep in Egypt’s bustling Cairo metropolis, the disc features guest appearances from members of El Tanbura and Bedouin Jerry Can Band.

Witty and life-affirming


Love, possession and pure joy CD of the week

Electrified sound as heard in Cairo’s Sudanese quarter

★★★★ London Evening Standard

Music that penetrates the bones like an X-ray... an album of huge variety, energy and depth

★★★★ Best albums of 2010 Songlines Magazine

An intent trance, with truculent songs of the Sudanese in Egyptian exile

Financial Times